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First Born
Conference on Education
First Born Conference

The LANL Foundation's commitment to investing in human potential begins with the vision of engaging Northern New Mexico communities in meeting long-standing regional needs and educational excellence. The LANL Foundation hosts an annual conference with the goal of translating current educational and nonprofit best practices into learning tools for Northern New Mexico communities and service providers. The annual banquet celebrates the work of this regional foundation investing in education, learning, and community development in Northern New Mexico.

Upcoming Event:
First Born 5th Annual Conference:
“The Power of Early Childhood” with Dr. Bruce Perry

Recent Event:
Winter 2014 ISEC Teachers' Workshop:
“Note-booking 2.0" & "Formative Assessment” with Brian Campbell




Past Board President Diana MacArthur speaks with State Rep. Nick Salazar. Susan Herrera, Congressman Udall, and Jeffrey Howell enjoy a Foundation reception.

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16th Annual Conference:
   Dr. Debra Pickering &
   Dr. Kenneth Wessen
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Winter 2013 Workshop
15th Annual Conference
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14th Annual Conference
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13th Annual Conference
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12th Annual Conference
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11th Annual Conference
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11th Annual Banquet
10th Annual Conference
   on Education

10th Anniversary Banquet

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