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How to Apply for LANL Foundation Grants

Effective January 2014, the LANL Foundation no longer supports Educational Enrichment grants and Small STEM projects.

Educational Enrichment Grants
Small Grants

Educational Enrichment Grants

Who Can Apply
The LANL Foundation’s Educational Enrichment grants are restricted to eligible public school districts. Eligibility and funding amounts are based on an annual census of employees of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and its contractors. Grant allocations to the school districts are determined by the percentage of employees that live within a particular school district. From the workforce data and funding available, school districts will be contacted by March 15th by the LANL Foundation to inform them of their eligibility and the amount of funds available.

How to Apply
Each eligible school district must submit a proposal to the Foundation defining what programs, resources, or equipment would enrich STEM education in their district. Proposals that do not meet the Foundation’s donor restrictions will not be funded.

Qualifying School Districts applying for Educational Enrichment funding must submit a full application portfolio including the proposal and supporting documents by April 15. Proposals must be submitted using the online application on the LANL Foundation website.

Grants must be applied for online. The online grant application will enable you to describe your program or organization and submit the following supporting documents. View the online application instructions.

Supporting Documents

  1. Detailed itemized program budget and budget narrative (include all sources of revenue and expenses)
  2. Copy of School Board resolution to approve proposal (and budget) for allocations greater than $5,000
  3. Current year-to-date balance sheet and year-to-date budget-to-actual income statement

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Small Grants

Who Can Apply
The LANL Foundation’s Small Grants are open to nonprofit New Mexico educational institutions, IRS-qualified 501 (c)(3) organizations, government agencies, and Pueblo/Tribal communities serving Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Taos counties.

How to Apply
All organizations interested in applying for a small grant must submit a proposal including the application and supporting documents by the 15th of the month (excluding December). Small Grant applications will only be submitted online through the Foundation’s website.

Due to limited funds,
• Organizations may apply only one time per year. This means that organizations whose applications were declined will not be permitted to submit a new application until the next calendar year.
• Awardees that received LANL Foundation grants in previous years, and did not meet all of the reporting deadlines or other requirements of their FUNDING AGREEMENTS will be ineligible to receive Small Grants and their applications will be disqualified.

All applications must be submitted online. View the online application instructions. The online application will enable you to describe your program or organization and submit the following supporting documents.

Supporting Documents

  1. A copy of the organization’s certificate of tax exemption from the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization or statement certifying that your organization is a nonprofit New Mexico educational institution, qualified government agency, or Pueblo/Tribal community
  2. Current documentation of registration and compliance with the Registry of Charitable Organizations under the Office of the New Mexico Attorney General as required by the New Mexico Charitable Solicitations Act—501 (c)(3) organizations only
  3. Itemized program budget including all sources of revenue and expenses
  4. Letter of support from the applicant organization’s board of directors, governing authority, or school principal
  5. Fiscal sponsorship agreement (if applicable)

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The following organizations are not eligible for funding:

• 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations not registered with the Registry of Charitable Organizations under the Office of the New Mexico Attorney as required by the New Mexico Charitable Solicitations Act
• individuals or fraternal, veteran, labor or athletic organizations serving a limited constituency
• political or lobbying organizations, or those supporting the candidacy of particular individuals
• organizations whose activities are mainly international, requests for international travel
• private foundations
• capital fund drives of colleges

The LANL Foundation is committed to Investing in Human Potential: Helping our Children Learn, Nurturing their Dreams, and Strengthening our Communities

Grant Applications are no longer being accepted

View Sample Blank Applications:
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   Enrichment Application (PDF)

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