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Submit Your Final Report

All grant recipients are required to submit a Final Report online, through your account, within one year of your grant award.

The goals of this Final Report are to:

  1. help us better understand your successes and learning from your grant work and activities, and 
  2. to let us know how (or if) you adjusted or adapted your program, budget and/or timeline in any way from what was originally proposed and approved per your grant agreement. 

You will be asked to upload your final budget showing all expenditures of grant funding.

We understand that during this pandemic, plans have often required rapid adaptations to the latest information and various community and school safety protocols, guidelines and on-the-ground situations.  

We're here to support you during this time.

Please reach out to us with any questions by e-mailing Sylvan and Whitney at  

We can help you in accessing the application/reporting portal, changing passwords, uploading documents, and provide additional technical support or answer grants-related questions.

Grantees will receive notification when the Final Report is due.

Please note: Grantees that do not submit a final report will be ineligible to receive future funding.

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