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Strategic Focus

In November 2016, after a year of research and planning,the Foundation Board of Directors approved a three-year strategic plan for 2017–2019. 

Summary of Strategic Plan Findings

Finding 1

Given the history of the Foundation and its existence as one of the few foundations in the state dedicated solely to learning and public education, the Foundation is well positioned to increase its influence and prominence in early childhood and K–12 public education in Northern New Mexico and in the State. Over the next three years, we will strive to be a resource and hub for information on public education, sharing best practices and research-supported approaches with our partners and community members. 

Finding 2

Public school systems are large and multi-faceted. While we recognize that changing an entire system may not be possible in the near term, we can work toward systems change, while also working to support the children currently being served by this system through our grants and programs. We will focus on programs that are based on the learning sciences and brain development research, including expanding inquiry learning beyond Inquiry Science. Each program or initiative will include an evaluation component to measure outcomes and demonstrate impact. We will advocate for our children from birth to career and work to provide tools and mechanisms for families to advocate for themselves and their children.

Finding 3

The Foundation will continue to focus on Northern New Mexico, with a special focus on Rio Arriba County due to its needs and the lack of nonprofit support. 

Finding 4

We will broaden our support of education programs to better serve children at greatest risk of not completing high school. High school drop-out rates in Northern New Mexico are some of the lowest in the nation. We will look specifically at programs that link education and economic development for rural Northern New Mexico, providing pathways to alternative careers and post-secondary education.  We will also look at programs and models that support the social and emotional wellbeing of children and support families. We know that without family and community support, our students will not succeed.

Our 2017–2019 Strategic Goals

  1. Take a greater leadership and advocacy role for education in Northern New Mexico.
  2. Increase home visiting and awareness of culturally sensitive parenting and early childhood.
  3. In our K–12 work, broaden programming and grantmaking to serve a wider range of children. Develop sustainable options for the Inquiry Science Education Consortium, while expanding inquiry learning and engaging in innovative assessment and improved indicators to guide future decisions.
  4. Manage continued, sustainable growth of our scholarship program and broaden our scope to reach unserved student populations.
  5. Grow the assets of the Foundation.

Full Strategic Plan     Executive Summary