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Strategic Focus

Our Theory of Change

  • Engaged communities, along with outstanding school boards, educators, principals, and schools lead to,

  • Improved learning opportunities and outcomes, which leads to,

  • Whole child development, which leads to,

  • Pathways to careers and thriving, engaged, communities.

Our Ten Guiding Principles

1. We believe the earliest years of a child’s life are the most critical in shaping their future. We believe learning happens on a continuum prenatal through adulthood.

2. We believe strongly in equity. We are committed to promoting programs, policies, and practices to ensure that all children and families are seen, heard, and responded to in culturally and linguistically responsive ways; and that support their social and emotional well-being. We work to honor and respect each family’s individuality, culture, language, and family heritage in our initiatives. 

3. We listen to our communities. We adapt and adjust our actions to support their needs; cultivating and investing in strategic partnerships with others who share our vision and are committed to achieving it.

4. We believe leadership matters. We work to support strong leaders in our communities (tribal, educational, family) and in organizations supporting learners of all ages.

5. Because learning is social, cultural, emotional, and academic, we recognize and support the important role of families and communities in a child’s well-being and development.

6. In schools, we believe we can support children and students best by working to grow and support teachers and other education leaders.

7. In communities, we work to develop relationships and support non-profits to widen and deepen the work we do in supporting learning opportunities for children in school and beyond.

8. We put special focus on strengthening the capacities of rural districts and of tribal and pueblo communities to support children and families.

9. As a learning organization, we use culturally and linguistically responsive best practices grounded in data, research, storytelling, program design, and evaluation to understand effective practices, support our partners in aligned work, and disseminate what we learn to the larger New Mexico and national audiences.

10. We will continue to build relationships, develop partnerships, and leverage resources to grow our assets and to advocate for good policies for our children, families, and communities.

Foundation Overall Objectives

The Foundation’s primary objective is to grow and sustain all of our program areas and be a resource in our community by (1) partnering with others to provide increased learning opportunities through the Foundation and by (2) sustaining and growing our Organization.

Early Childhood Education

The overall objective of the early childhood program area is to support communities, early childhood educators, families, and stakeholders to develop knowledge about healthy brain and child development and culturally and linguistically responsive practices that i) prevent toxic stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and that ii) nurture each child and baby’s potential to thrive holistically in healthy communities. We also work on early childhood workforce development by advocating for higher pay for Early Childhood staff, promoting a tiered system to professionalize early childhood education and certifications to help build the capacity of Early Childhood teachers and caregivers.

K12 Program Area

The overall objective of the K-12 program area is to better prepare and support educators and education leaders by developing and sustaining opportunities that help teachers and leaders grow their knowledge, skills, and practices, particularly in culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogies, science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) education and the social-emotional learning (SEL) sciences, while also working to strengthen school and district systems so that all children, educators, and leaders thrive.

Scholarship and Career Program Area

The overall objective of the Scholarship & Career program area is to manage continued, sustainable growth of our scholarship program and broaden its scope to reach more under-served student populations in high school and college, ensuring more students have access to college and/or career services and support along the way.



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