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Artist Virgil Vigil

Communities Come Together

The development of a child’s brain in the first three years is very critical in how they’ll interact with the world. This leads to the importance of the parents’ and caregivers’ roles in the child’s life during this time. The Early Childhood Outreach Project supports and empowers parents to be the best teacher for their child. The Eight Northern Indian Pueblo Council’s partnership with LANL Foundation in this project supports mutual goals to help improve the health and early development of children in their communities.

Keeping LANL Foundation’s logo in the program logo design was to respect the original mission and goals. Illustrating the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos, I incorporated the traditional Pueblo basket. All eight villages are woven together as a community representing everything good we share. The LANL Foundation’s education programs and symbolic strands are interwoven into the basket providing mutual support. The strands have been transformed into Pueblo belts, commonly worn by mothers or women who help raise and support children. Belts are also worn in traditional and everyday Pueblo life by men who are very important in raising and supporting children.

– Virgil Vigil, Tesuque Pueblo Artist