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Help us reach $100,000 for Northern New Mexico 

WE are proud to announce an unprecedented opportunity for YOU to help shape a brighter future for Northern New Mexico.

NOW, more than EVER, students across our region are counting on scholarships to help make their dream of attending college possible.

These are just a few of the faces of Northern New Mexico students that will attend college in the fall with support from LANL Foundation Scholarships.

We need YOUR help to grow a larger community of support for future aspiring college students.

Help Us Build A Brighter Future For Northern New Mexico and give to the LANL Foundation General Scholarship Fund. 


Watch powerful accounts of what your contribution helps create:


First generation DACA student Evelyn Juarez speaks to realizing her dream of studying medicine.


Navajo Nation student Larissa Scott shares about her dream of getting into and being able to pay to attend Stanford University.


Alyvia Hogan talks about how excited she was to get the Lanl Foundation Scholarship and choose her dream out-of-state college, DePauw University.


Warren Roybal shares how as a small town kid he had big dreams to be a Finance major, and was able to go to college to achieve his dream, debt free. 


Meet Edgar Sarceno

Edgar Sarceno, a graduate of Santa Fe High School, received the John & Marti Browne Leadership and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Scholarships in 2019. Now a rising junior at Bates College in Maine, Edgar is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and plans to pursue a graduate degree in the same field upon completion of his undergraduate program.

In high school, Edgar faced housing insecurity and became homeless during his senior year. But these struggles did not stop him from pursuing his dreams and working hard to achieve his goals. In fact, Edgar says he was able to stay motivated during times of hardship by focusing on his passion for self-improvement and service. He says, “My passion came from my desire to accomplish certain goals in life. These goals were always on my mind as I went through high school. Despite my fears, I embraced my passions for math and science, learning, helping people, and becoming my best self. That’s what made me volunteer and study a lot, push myself and get good grades.”

Edgar also recalls a pivotal moment of reaching out for help when the pressure and stress became too much. After handling everything on his own for so long, Edgar was grateful when he reached out to a mentor for support and “it became a snowball effect where help and support started to come my way as I told my story.” Now, he is determined to pay it forward by supporting younger students who come from a similar background.

This summer, Edgar will intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory, which he sees as the first step towards being able to return home to New Mexico with a career that will allow him to give back to his community. He says, “My dream job is to be a scientist and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing this summer. LANL is something that I have known about since I was a kid. I always had that in mind. To be able to come back to my home is another benefit. Without the support I received as a LANL Scholar, I don’t think I would have been as comfortable applying to work at the Laboratory. Interning somewhere else wouldn’t have been as meaningful as coming back to my home community.”

The generosity of mentors and scholarship donors in Northern New Mexico has increased Edgar’s desire to give back to his community. He remembers the moment he found out he was a LANL Scholar—feeling validated in his hard work, and a sense that his future finally belonged to him. When asked what he would say if he could speak directly to scholarship donors, Edgar declared, “I promise to give back double the help you have given me. Thank you for your support.”


Your support helps to build a brighter future for Northern New Mexico and support students like Edgar.

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