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Science Resource Center:
County Road 103, Bldg. 2
Chimayo, NM 87522

Rick Scott,
Director, ISEC Program

(505) 753-8890 ext. 12

Dorothy Sanchez,
Director of Professional Development, ISEC Program

(505) 753-8890 ext. 20

Gwen Warniment,
Associate Director of Professional Development & Evaluation, ISEC Program

(505) 753-8890 ext. 17

Danielle Garcia,
Science Resource Center Coordinator, ISEC Program

(505) 351-1112

Bryan Maestas, SRC Warehouse Operations & Logistics Manager
(505) 351-1112

Northern New Mexico Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC)

Click here to view a video about ISEC.

Inquiry-based science programs have proven highly successful for closing student achievement gaps, especially when partnered with teaching literacy and mathematics.

In fall 2010, the LANL Foundation launched the Northern New Mexico Inquiry Science Education Consortium (ISEC) as a regional program to improve performance of high-need students in grades K–6.

Four school districts (Española, Mesa Vista, Peñasco, and Santa Fe) joined the Consortium during the 2010–2011 school year, each making a five-year commitment to bring inquiry science instruction to all K–6 classrooms in their districts. For the 2011–2012 school year two, the Pojoaque district joined, and Dulce and Springer joined for 2012–2013. With the new districts and additional schools from the original districts there are now 27 schools participating in the Consortium. For 2013–2014 two more elementary schools will be joining ISEC.

Also new for 2013–2014 will be the expanison to middle school grades in Española, Mesa Vista, Pojoaque, and Santa Fe. This expansion has been greatly assisted by a special appropriation from the New Mexico Legislature specifically for science materials.

Additional Northern New Mexico school districts will be invited to join the Consortium in subsequent years with the goal of providing inquiry science instruction to the whole region.

Teachers receive ongoing professional development with the inquiry materials and methods of instruction. They are also supported in class by Science Literacy Coaches (SLCs) who teach model lessons, observe lessons and provide feedback, meet with individuals and groups of teachers, and assist in data collection for the on-going ISEC evaluation.

In addition to funding from the LANL Foundation, ISEC has received funding from Los Alamos National Security (LANS) and the United States Department of Education. Click here to view a video about the LANS investment in education.

Inquiry science programs are highly successful for closing student achievement gaps, especially when partnered with literacy and math.

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