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2017 Education Conference Presentations

The LANL Foundation’s 18th Northern New Mexico Conference on Education, “Building Positive Culture from Classroom to Community” was held on Nov. 10, 2017 at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort. Here are the presentations from the breakout "EdTalk" sessions.

Elementary Track:

Zelda Trujillo, 2nd Grade Teacher, Wood Gormley Elementary School

Creating positive culture in classrooms and schools requires cultivation. Learn how the second grade team at Wood Gormley builds community by incorporating a charter of rights and responsibilities, project-based learning, and various activities for students and teachers. View Presentation»

Delara Sharma, 5th Grade Teacher, Piñon Elementary School

Equity and opportunity should not be a privilege afforded to a select few. Piñon Elementary School’s staff is determined to provide its students multiple avenues to explore, identify, and reach their potential through creativity and STEAM clubs. View Presentation»

April Grant-Torrez, 4th Grade Teacher, Pojoaque Valley Intermediate School

Risk taking and a positive learning environment go hand and hand for both the educator and the student. Creating an environment where students can engage, enrich, and explore their own learning styles provides the learning experience each individual needs. Be the person you needed as a child to create that safe environment support risk taking in education and making mistakes. View Presentation»

Jenn Jevertson, School Prevention Coordinator, Santa Fe Public Schools

Experiential learning is one of the most powerful and impactful methods for students to maximize growth, learning, and connection and for educators to build a positive community. Fun, interactive activities that incorporate group bonding, problem solving, and communication are used to create a caring classroom. Facilitation tips and practical activities will be shared. View Presentation»

Secondary Track:

John Morrison, Lead Teacher & Sean O’Neil, Teacher, Innovate Academy, Santa Fe High School

Examples of student work and testimonials illustrate how Innovate Academy builds relationships and trust, facilitates independent and dependent learners, manages groups, and builds student confidence. View Presentation»

Meredith Tilp, grades 9-12 AP US Government and Politics, AP Human Geography, Economics Teacher & Kay Vinson, Social Studies Teacher, Capital High School

Empathy is not easy to understand but is something all of us learn through example. The more that teachers and students can access how empathy feels, the more they can recognize and foster it in others. View Presentation»

Bridget Love, High School Science Teacher & Christie Abeyta, High School Social StudiesTeacher, Santa Fe Indian School

Positive learning environments can be created through storytelling, inquiry, and discussion. Learn how Santa Fe Indian School builds supportive, culturally responsive spaces for Native American students. View Presentation»

Donelle Hogarth, Trainer & Claire Casey, Training Facilitator, LifeBound Inc.

LifeBound is a student success organization located in Denver, CO that provides academic coaching, training, and professional development for educators, students, and parents. Coaching is a powerful tool that helps students develop the academic, practical, and professional skills they need to succeed in and out of the classroom. Participants will learn and discuss elements of a successful academic coaching model that promotes student reflection, asks for small commitments, and forms accountability. A fun coaching demonstration will provide ideas of how educators can assist students in cultivating skills such as critical thinking, self-management, resilience, and more. View Presentation»

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