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Mind in the Making


Mind in the Making (MITM) shares research on the science of children’s learning with the general public, families and professionals who work with children and families. This website features additional related materials and resources, such as DVDs, discussion guide &... Read more

Early Childhood, Parents, Teacher Resource

Talk Science Primer


An essay detailing the purposes, functions and benefits of academically productive talk including the Talk Goals and Moves chart.   Download PDF   Also relates to: STEM education, science education, teachers, science, technology, engineering, mathematics

General Education, Teacher Resource

Science and Engineering Practices Talk Tools


A set of posters that include scaffolding language for teachers and students to use when engaging with the science practices that are part of the Next Generation Science Standards. Download PDF Also relates to: STEM education, science education, teachers, science, technology,... Read more

General Education, Teacher Resource

Crosscutting Concepts Poster Set


A set of classroom posters that individually and symbolically display each crosscutting concept that are required in teaching the Next Generation Science Standards. Download PDF Also relates to: science education, teachers, science, technology

General Education, Teacher Resource

Private schools, not better than public


Article on a study that shows private schools are not more effective than public schools in promoting student success. View article

General Education, Teacher Resource

No Time to Lose: How to Build a World-Class Education System State by State

Report, Website

Report on educationally high-performing countries that implement policies and practices and build comprehensive systems that look drastically different from those in the U.S. Each state can develop its own strategies for building a modern education system that is globally... Read more

Early Childhood, General Education, Teacher Resource

Achieve the Core


Interactive math resource for teachers and students with rigorous math tasks aligned to standards. Also relates to: Common Core Standards, general education, math lessons, math tasks, Common Core teachers, students, parents, administrators, educators, curriculum mapping,... Read more

General Education, Parents, Student Resource, Teacher Resource

phet simulation image

PhET Interactive Simulations


Founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations for teachers and students. PhET sims are based on extensive education research and engage students... Read more

General Education, Student Resource, Teacher Resource

Learning Policy Institute


The Learning Policy Institute conducts and communicates independent, high-quality research to improve education policy and practice. Working with policymakers, researchers, educators, community groups, and others, the Institute seeks to advance evidence-based policies that... Read more

General Education, Parents, Teacher Resource

Center on Instruction (COI)


Great site that provides a collection of evidence-based resources and strong research in a variety of education topics. The Center on Instruction (COI) was one of five national content centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support the 16 Regional Comprehensive... Read more

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