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Breaking into Tech

This article was written by the Santa Fe Reprter about the Cultivating Coders program funded by the LANL Foundation as part of the K-12 Programming initiative.

Youth learn coding at a free summer program aimed at leveling the tech playing field

By Lauren Thompson | Santa Fe Reporter | June 27, 2017

photo: Liliana Dillingham

On a warm, sunny day at Northern New Mexico University, a handful of high school students are enjoying their summer at camp. But this isn’t your average day camp. Instead of playing dodgeball and romping about the pool, these students are building websites, learning multiple new languages and other technical skills. Welcome to Cultivating Coders. 

The students, about 15 to 20 high-schoolers, are joking and talking loudly with one another while they work on their laptops. A few lines of code are projected on the board at the front of the room while instructor Kyle Hagler is working with students to troubleshoot the program that had crashed for a few of the kids. Hagler explains that today the task is programming a digital clock, but they were having some software issues that they were working out. 

While Kyle works with the affected students, others work quietly on projects as they enter the third week of the eight-week camp. 

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