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LANL Foundation Grant Being Used to Support Early Childhood Coalition in New Mexico

Santa Fe New Mexican, October 13, 2021:

New Mexico's early childhood division is sending $5.4 million in federal pandemic relief funds to early childhood coalitions in New Mexico through individual two-year grants that will pay for part-time positions and outreach. 

The state is home to 18 active early childhood education coalitions, which help connect families to services and provide planning around early learning.That includes the Rio Arriba County Early Childhood Collaborative and the Pueblo Outreach Project, both organized by Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation. The Rio Arriba group hosts meetings for families and service providers. like hospitals and day care centers countywide.

“We saw there were wonderful systems working in Rio Arriba County, but they were working in silos.No one really knew what the other was doing,” said LANL Foundation early education Vice President Anna Marie Garcia.

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