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LANL Foundation is hiring - Rio Arriba County Early Childhood Outreach Specialist

The LANL Foundation will be hiring a Rio Arriba County Early Childhood Outreach Specialist on contract for 10 hours per week.


The Rio Arriba County Early Childhood Outreach Specialist works with Rio Arriba County Early Childhood Collaborative (RACECC) and Home Visitation providers throughout Rio Arriba County to ensure that families and caregivers are aware of and provided with resources they need to ensure maternal health and healthy child development.  The Early Childhood Outreach Specialist is responsible for outreaching to local organizations, including traditional and alternative medical facilities, and recruiting/connecting families with home visitation services and other maternal & child health and education supports within the county.



Promotes collaboration and coordination of early childhood service providers:

  • Organizes monthly meetings with home visitation programs.
  • Communicates regularly with home visitation programs to assess individual program eligibility criteria, program enrollment capacity, program enrollment wait-times, and other details necessary for prompt connection of families with services/supports.
  • Maintains resource guide/list specific to available maternal health and early childhood programs within the community.


Recruits expecting and new parents from throughout the county by:

  • Making regularly phone contact with community partner agencies that serve new and expectant families;
  • Promoting awareness on the importance of maternal health and early childhood education through social media platforms;
  • Making formal presentations to medical/health providers and other organizations that serve new and expectant families;
  • Documents all family recruitment activities on a weekly basis.


Ensures families are connected with available home visitation and other maternal/child health services as appropriate:

  • Receives and reviews all referrals received on the RAC Common Referral Form for HV services;
  • Contacts each prospective family within 2 working days from receipt of referral to review referral, gather additional information, and/or answer any questions;
  • Documents details specific to each family communication within designated database/spreadsheet;
  • Contacts participating HV service providers when a referral has been received and a match established;
  • Ensures all eligible families are connected to most appropriate and available home visitation provider within the community.


  • Refers families to programs and services outside of home visitation system as necessary and indicated;
  • Supports unique conditions of parents/caregivers/children by assessing needs, acknowledging strengths, and honoring family choice;
  • Completes research on new and existing services throughout the county and in surrounding communities;
  • Documents all enhanced referral activities within designated database/spreadsheet.


  • Works in partnership with and communicates effectively with LANL Foundation Early Childhood Team, home visitation program staff across multiple providers, and other members of the RACECC;
  • Communicates regularly with and works in partnership with multiple organizations to maintain positive and effective working relationships to ensure cooperative relationships that support families in obtaining needed/requested supports and services;
  • Completes outreach assignments as indicated;
  • Acts and serves as an advocate and champion for young children and their families.


Required Education

High School Diploma or equivalent

Required Licensure and Certifications

Current NM Driver’s license and current liability insurance coverage

Required Minimum Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Communication: Practices attentive and active listening; uses language confidently and appropriately; effective written communication; sensitivity and culturally appropriate communication.

Computer skills:  Must be able utilize a data tracking system and accurately record and summarize information; must be able to utilize Excel, Word, and MS Outlook; must be able to utilize a scheduling system effectively and accurately.

Telephone skills: Must have excellent telephone communication skills.

Multi-tasking skills:  Must be able to handle multiple calls and issues throughout working hours; must accurately document and track calls and issues; must be able to handle multiple priorities and manage time.

Negotiation and mediation skills:  Must be able to problem-solve; work through difficult issues with agencies and individuals in an effective manner that results in a positive outcome.

Creativity and resourcefulness:  Must be able to problem-solve, identify alternatives and identify community resources.

Relationship building:  Must be able to establish and develop effective working relationships with individuals and organizations representing multiple socio-economic-cultural backgrounds.

Preferred Qualifications

Associate or Bachelor of Arts degree in social work, sociology, psychology, public health, early childhood education or other related field.

Bilingual – English/Spanish

Preferred Experience

Knowledge of eligibility/participation requirements for federal, state and local assistance programs such as home visitation, Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, housing, child support, SSI/SSA, Workforce Solutions and other emergency community resources specific to food, clothing and shelter.

Professional experience working with families representing diverse cultures and socio-economic strata.

Personal experience and participation in home visitation or other early childhood education services or programs.

Professional experience working with/in resource and referral programs.

Professional experience working collaboratively with multiple agencies, services and organizations.

Established relationships with community resource programs within Rio Arriba County.


Must have reliable transportation and clean driving record.

Cover letter/resume: Anna Marie Garcia,

Rio Arriba County Early Childhood Outreach Specialist - job description.