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College, Career and Community Pathways

LANL Foundation established the College, Career and Community Pathways (C3P) Program in April, 2020.  Its purpose is to nurture the individual and collective potential of Northern New Mexico students and adult learners so they have equitable access to opportunities to pursue their interests, build their skills, contribute positively to their communities and thrive.  We accomplish this purpose through grantmaking, scholarships, programming (including producing research and guidance), advocacy, partnerships (such as supporting collaboration and convenings) and the use of our facilities. In August, 2020 the LANL Foundation Board approved a workplan for the C3P Program focused on the following six strategies:

  1. Supporting education partners in adapting, implementing & expanding C3P programs leading to systemic redesign;
  2. Increasing access to high-quality work-based learning (WBL) opportunities;
  3. Strengthening regional leadership, partnerships and capacity toward a shared vision
  4. Fostering more equitable access to internet and technology in our region
  5. Supporting Pueblos, Tribes & Nations in accomplishing their C3P Goals and
  6. Helping career pathways and workforce systems become more equitable and accessible.

Here are some examples of our initiatives in these areas:

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New Initiatives?

If you are interested in discussing a new C3P-related initiative with the LANL Foundation, contact LANL Foundation Vice President of Career Pathways and Advocacy Alvin Warren.

“The LANL Foundation’s efforts at bringing together relevant stakeholders to build an ecosystem for work-based learning opportunities for students is both effective and productive. The action-oriented coalition they have built will fill a gap and result in tools and processes that will streamline the process for both students and regional employers.”—Rebecca Estrada, Higher Education & Workforce Development Specialist Community Partnerships Office