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Session VIII Speakers & Notes

Coherent Pathways That Include Rigorous Career and Technical Education

Monday, January 14, 2019, 12:00–2:00pm

Gary Hoachlander Slides    Tony Monfiletto Slides

Session Notes

National Speaker: Gary Hoachlander 

Gary Hoachlander is President and CEO of ConnectED: The National Center for College and Career. Beginning his career in 1966 as a brakeman for the Western Maryland Railroad, he has devoted most of his professional life to helping young people learn by doing—connecting education to the opportunities, challenges, and many different rewards to be found through work.

Widely known for his expertise in career and technical education and many other aspects of elementary, secondary and postsecondary education, Gary has consulted extensively for the U.S. Department of Education, state departments of education, local school districts, foundations and a variety of other clients. Gary earned his Bachelor’s degree at Princeton University and holds both a Master’s degree and Ph.D. from the Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley.

Local Context Speaker: Tony Monfiletto

Tony Monfiletto is from Albuquerque New Mexico and he has worked in public education since 1990. He began his career at the Chicago Panel on Public School Policy to promote the restructuring of the Chicago Public Schools. After leaving Chicago in 1993, he joined the staff of the Legislative Education Study Committee in Santa Fe where he specialized in public school finance. This big picture work was fundamental in establishing the context for cutting edge small schools in his hometown. Tony was the co-founder and lead administrator at Amy Biehl High School, a model of innovation in the Albuquerque community that was designated a "mentor" school by the Coalition of Essential Schools.

In 2008, Tony began work on ACE Leadership High School, the first in a network of the next generation of career-focused schools in New Mexico. The Leadership Schools Network has now grown to four schools, ACE, Health, Technology and Siembra (entrepreneurship) High Schools and he is in the preliminary stages of bringing the model to Memphis, TN. These institutions are dedicated to the premise that "learning by doing," Positive Youth Development and community engagement will result in schools that make Albuquerque a healthier and more prosperous community.

Finally, under Tony’s leadership, Future Focused Education has been an advocate for a statewide innovative assessment strategy. He is currently working with local community partners and national organizations to create an educational vision that can make New Mexico a healthier and more prosperous state.

Moderator: Tony Gerlicz 

Tony Gerlicz has led formal educational institutions and founded two non-traditional educational organizations and one traditional school: the Oregon Governor's School for Citizen Leadership, the Monte del Sol Charter School, and the Mandela International Magnet School in Santa Fe, NM. His goals have been to empower faculty and students to achieve their highest leadership potential in a community of learners and leaders by aligning their work with their purpose.