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Career Pathways Application Instructions

Career Pathways Scholarship Application Now Open

Deadline: April 18, 2022

Apply Now


  • ​Online application form
  • Official high school transcript (High school seniors only)
  • College transcript (for those with any amount of college experience)
  • Up to 4 Essays   
  • Annual Household Income (Not required, but strongly encouraged for financial need question)

Gather the following information before you begin the online application:

Education Information

  • Information on the 2-year degree or certificate program you are currently enrolled in or intend to pursue. Degree or certificate information should match the description in your college’s catalog.
  • Your past educational experience, including information on your high school or GED/High School Equivalency (HSE) if applicable.
  • Any college or trade school experience related to your field of study. For high school students, this includes dual enrollment college classes you may have taken while in high school.

Your Experience

  • Your current employment information and employment history, including name of employer(s), location, type of business, positions held and dates, hours worked, brief description of duties, promotions, and other recognition received. You may also include military service in this section, if applicable.
  • Any leadership roles you may have held.
  • Your involvement in school and community activities such as clubs, sports, volunteer service, performance, church or tribal activities.
  • Any honors and awards you may have received through work, school, or within your community.

Essay Responses

  • Although your essay responses can be typed directly into the application, we suggest that you write your own responses in a separate document to then copy and paste them into the online application. This will allow you to check your word count and spelling.

​Financial Information

  • Though not required, it is strongly recommended that you fill out the section on financial need. You will be asked to report your annual household income.

For more information about Scholarships, contact Mike Ammerman, Scholarship Program Manager at (505) 795-3778 or